A hunt based only on the trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be. -Fred Bear


Nyala News – Newsletter NO 2 – May 2018

Upper Tugela - Clay Shoot


Eastern cape hunting opportunity 2018 – Donny G Safari

DRGC April newsletter

Inhlanhla Game Ranch Hunting Opportunities

Gariep Eco Reserve

2018 National Price List


Monolithic Bullets

We are the largest manufacturer of Monolithic  Bullets in South Africa, and hereby would like to invite you with your hunting group/s to

visit us in Hall 8, at the 2nd stall from the entrance/exit.

We offer a huge discount on Super Friday the 1st June, on all of our ranges.

Please, visit our website and Facebook for more information on the performance of Peregrine Bullets.

Hope to meet you all.


Kloppies Klopper

082 699 9698

Monolithic-Technology-Ad VLR4-5-Huntex

SAGA Snippets

Member Associations

Below are three links of videos which deal with programme interviews which were recently broadcasted regarding the Canned Lion Saga which currently has caused much controversy In social media:


DRGC - March 2018

The Schulz Shoot unfortunately had to be postponed due to the weather. The new date is the 21st April at 13h30. Same venue and similar format. Prepaid shoot fees are on record and will be used on this date.


Raffle tickets: Kameelkop hunting opportunity perfect for Dads and Lads/Lasses

Silent Auction Kameelkop hunting package.

Please sign and return to the Office together with your application.

Kings Cup Newsletter 2018

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Hinterland Wapens Potchefstroom

Hinterland Wapens – Nikon Promosie begin 23 Februarie  2018
Daar is net beperkte voorraad en die pryse is baie Goed.

Wees Dan op die uitkyk vir ons ( Shotgun Ammo Nr 7  28 gr ) wat binnekort  teen n baie goeie prys beskikbaar sal wees.

Skakel ons gerus by:

Hinterland Potchefstroom
(018) 297 5381

2018 Nikon Sale

EWT Newsletter February 2018 - click on the link to open

Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution

Dear friends of Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution
Herewith – our first newsletter!! (see attached)
You have received this newsletter from Tim Snow because you are either a friend of his, or a supporter of the work being done to fight wildlife poisoning. Happy reading!


Please click here to download the newsletter

KZN Hunting January 2018 ESHOT


The Aloes Farm to Front Door Delivery

Over the passed year we have experienced a huge outcry in demand for delivery of our products to your door.
We are in early stages and trial runs with a fantastic delivery company to provide this service for you, they follow a route all the way from us to Umhlanga


Your Name (required)

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1. Would you be interested in receiving delivery to your door?

2. What area are you located in?

3. As we would be teaming up with a delivery company what in your opinion would be a reasonable delivery fee from our area to your area?

Mobile Cold Rooms / freezer units

I would like to introduce our manufacturing company to you and all members of your association.

with the hunting seasonaround the corner obtain one of our mobile cold rooms or freezer units. We also do fixed installations of above on farms.

Please contact us for a special quote!

Kind Regards

Visser du Plessis


Please click here to download The Introduction Cold Rooms Freezers

Trailers (2)
Trailers (2)

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CorrosionX products

CorrosionX products to be stocked at the Office.  Please click on the link for Website and Contact details – www.corrosionx.co.za


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Rewilding The Lost Wilderness

I would like to introduce you to the unique Cape conservation
coffee-table book Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the
Forgotten Cape, with a Foreword by Dr Ian Player.

In the 317 pages of Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green
Heritage of the Forgotten Cape we explore the natural heritage, wildlife
and wilderness of the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape. The story involves
the vegetation and wildlife that occurred and still occur within the Cape, and
the human impact on the natural environment through the ages. The conclusion of
the story explores the reserves and farms that have dedicated themselves to
restoring the original cape ecosystem and all its diversity, and how they
implemented the restoration.
Ten years in the making, Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green
Heritage of the Forgotten Cape has been the result of an intense pursuit of
restoration of the Cape of South Africa. After much eager anticipation I can
finally say that Rewilding The Lost Wilderness is officially available with the
inspirational story of Rewilding the Cape. This story of a quintessential
African wilderness that has been lost and regained is a story of hope and
restoration! A tale of hope for all the wilderness areas that has been lost,
and an example for all wilderness areas that is still to be regained! Rewilding
The Lost Wilderness is much anticipated among the international rewilding
community for whom the book will serve as a practical example for the
recreation of lost wilderness areas, especially so in parts of Europe and North


Upper Tugela activities 2018

Saturday 19 May. Clay shoot. Stewart Park farm Ladysmith.

Saturday 17 June. Ka-Ching gong shoot. Winterton.

Saturday 28 July. CHASA shoot (Postal shoot). Stewart Park farm Ladysmith.

Saturday 29 September. Fin Fur Feather. Clay shoot. Stewart Park farm Ladysmith.

Saturday 13 October. Branch AGM. TBA

Saturday 18 November. Ding Dong gong shoot. TBA.


Please click on the link to download the NYALA NEWS DECEMBER 2017, you will need to be a KZNHSCA member to be able to download the magazine.

Nyala Magizine 2017

Launching Junior Field Guides 2018

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The Endangered Wildlife Trust launches Brake for Wildlife campaign

24 November 2017

As South Africans prepare to take to the roads over the holiday period, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is asking road users to join in a campaign to address the impact of transport infrastructure on wildlife.

December sees the start of Brake for Wildlife, the EWT’s nationwide survey of roadkill sightings on South African roads. The EWT is inviting road users to add their sightings to help find out crucial information about the status of our wildlife. The EWT wants to know about travellers’ routes, and what they see along the way. Road users can take part as many times as they like during the month, and a passenger should preferably record the sightings to ensure safety at all times.

Read More…

KZN Hunting Signed Financial Statements.

Please click here to view the KZN Hunting Signed Financial Statements.


Please Note*

You need to be a member of KZN Hunting Shooting and Conversation Association to view this page and download the pdf document.

New Swarovski CL Binocular

We are pleased to announce to you that Swarovski have launched a new CL
Companion binocular which will be available in South Africa from End
November 2017.

It will be available in both an 8×30 and 10×30, and in either Green or

There will also be a choice of three different cases – (Accessory Packs).

Attached is the official press release and the new binocular as well as the
broshure and specifications.

For more information contact Andrew at Whylo Distributors in Umhlanga on


Click here to download CL Campanion

Click here to download CL Companion Fact Sheet_

Click here to download Cl Press Release

Events Calendar For KZN Clay Target Shooting


New SAGA Facebook Page

Dear Members,

SAGA has a new Facebook presence. Please visit us at:


You might get a Friend request as we work to get the new page up and running. If you don’t please go online to Like our page and do a Friend request. The old page will be decommissioned soon.

Thank you for your support.




U word hiermee vriendelik dog dringend versoek om bogenoemde vraelys skakel onder u lede te versprei om dit te voltooi. Die belangrikheid om hierdie inligting in te samel vir die navorsingsprojek kan nie oorbeklemtoon word nie en u samewerking en ondersteuning, om dit ‘n sukses te maak, sal hoog op prys gestel word.

You are hereby kindly requested to circulate the above questionnaire link to your members for completion as a matter of urgency. The importance to collate this information for this research project cannot be overemphasised and your co-operation and support to make this a success, will be greatly appreciated.

Gun Dog Success

Gundog nr1_edited-2
Dedicated Status and Dedicated Sport Shooting status

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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes.

Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more?
Read more here…

We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

Dear CHASA Board Member
Please circulate this CHASA Renewals Survey link below as far and wide as possible. It is set up for both CHASA affiliate members down to grassroots level as well as non-members.

The link is also on the CHASA Facebook page.


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