Hunting, fishing, drawing, and music occupied my every moment. Cares I knew not, and cared naught about them.-John James Audubon


Events and Courses

Just an update on some of the upcoming events and courses in October

The Kid’s Club for Juniors will be on the 5th of October. Please see advert for bookings. Junior Custodians get discount.

Pat McKrill will be hosting a snake handling course on the 6th of October. Please see advert for bookings. The rate for general public is R800, but for Custodians it will be R750.

The Bat Response Group are holding their course on the 17th of October. Please see advert for bookings. The course is free, but anyone attending is expected to join the response group to be on hand to respond to call out for bat rescues.

Bat-Response-Group-Ad Kids-Club Snake-Course

Meopta Meopro rifle scope 6-18 X 50

Meopta Meopro rifle scope 6-18 X 50 as new in original box. Price R8 000.00 – contact Jason 083 232 4527.

List of items for sale

  • Scopes:  Lynx 1,5-6 x 42 IR with 30mm tube. Perfect working order ,holds it’s zero position and has  an illuminated reticle. Has scope covers and original box.. R4000-
  •  Burris 4,5-14 x 42 Fullfield E1. Ballistic Plex reticle. Parralax adjustable. 25mm tube in perfect working order. Scope covers and original box with manual for x-hair calculation. R5500-
  •  Vortex Crossfire Hog Hunter 3,5 -12 x 56 AO V Brite. 30mm tube. 7 mths old, is like new perfect working order with illuminated reticle. Has original box . R7500-
  • Also have two base sets for K98 Mauser actions and two ring sets for 25mm tubes. All steel In the Lynx/ Thor style.

I’m upgrading my scopes as my needs have changed.

  • Harris Bi Pod Ultralight  Model H Series 1A2 12”- 24” extendible R1000-
  • Bullets:
    30 Cal. Speer 180gr Mag Tip 100  R650-
    30 Cal  Hornady 180gr BTSP 100  R650-
    375 Cal Frontier Spartan 250gr HPBT  Mono. 50 R500
    375 Cal Hornady 270gr SPRP 50 R650-
    375 Cal Speer 286gr Grand Slam Premium Big Game 50 R750-
    375 Cal Hornady 300gr BTSP  31 R350-

I’m on whatts app and will send pictures or supply more details if requested.

I’m also prepared to do a scope, base/ring deal.

Please contact me on 0726067946

Arthur Coleby

The Baynesfield Pigeon Shoot

The Baynesfield Pigeon Shoot will be taking place on

SATURDAY 25th August 2018
Registration from 1pm-2pm
Safety talk 2 pm ALL participants to be present !!

No pre-registration necessary.
R200.00 including Supper [individual meals for family members available]

Lucky draw : 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize draw after the shoot for some aws9me prizes.

For queries please contact Miles 0842764444


DRGC August 2018 Newsletter

Game Rangers Association of Africa 2017 Annual Report

Gauteng branch letter

Guinea Fowl Shoot

Hunting Opportunities – Nyamazane Game Ranch

Exciting news: Nyamazane Game Ranch Website is up and running. We have 7 hunting packages available to all our members at a very reasonable price. Huge discount available for the online bookings for 2019. Please visit our Website – – and follow the process. We are also launching two competitions on our Facebook page – Nyamazane Hunting for huntijg and Nyamazane Game Ranch for a get away weekend.

We are looking forward hearing from you.
Mias Venter


Please click below to download PDF


Silenced Rifle Hunting Opportunity For Zebra In The Thornville Area, Kzn

We have been given an opportunity to allow Zebra to be harvested from an Estate in the Thornville area.

1. Rifles must be silenced.
2. Proficiency Graded members only.

General Information:
1. The price of the Zebra is R2750 each.
2. An administration fee of R100 per application is payable on application.
3. Limited slaughtering facilities exist and there is no skinner available, however we can arrange skinners at an additional fee. The complete carcass needs to be removed from the Estate.
4. Animals to be harvested will be identified by a representative of the Estate.
5. This will be a day hunt.
6. Applications close at close of business on the 03rd of August 2018 and the draw will take place on the 06th of August 2018, where after the successful applicants will be notified.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the booking application form below and click submit icon.


Name of applicant: Membership No:
Cell: E-mail Address:

Bank details for application:

Name of the account       : KZN Hunting & Conservation
Bank                                : First National Bank – Pinetown
Account number              : 58880792280
Branch Code                   : 221 626
Reference to use             : Name followed by Zebra

Blesbuck carcass, 35 – 42kg

Blesbuck carcass, 35 – 42kg, for sale – slaughtered.
Selling at R1500 each plus VAT.
To be collected at Verkykerskop.
Contact Dirk Gouws on 082 779 0754.

SOLD - Reduced Price - Brno ZKK 600, 30-06 de Lux

Please click the link below:


FreeMe KZN Newsletter

Items for Sale

Please click the link below:

Speak to Mike Duffy or call/whatsapp 0734552697. Prices are negotiable.


CHASA Advice To Holders Of Firearms With Expired Licences

Following our notice dated 4 July 2018 wherein we expressed our view that the only an AMNESTY, Declared by The Minister, can solve the current crisis facing firearm owners who failed to renew their licences in terms of Sec 24 of the FCA, we are extremely pleased to share the information that this now appears to be the likely outcome.


Research project on Oribi

I am currently conducting research for my Masters thesis. I am examining farmers’ attitudes towards conservation, as well as their willingness to participate in conservation programmes, with specific reference to the endangered oribi antelope.

In order to gather the necessary information, I am distributing a brief survey that contains questions pertaining to farmers land management practices, attitudes towards conservation, as well as questions regarding oribi on their lands.

I am asking that farmers that have oribi on their properties, as well as those who do not but may have suitable oribi habitat (i.e. natural grassland/veld), participate in this survey. I would be incredibly grateful to those willing to do so.

The information collected in this project will be used to inform oribi conservation efforts on private land. Any personal information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

Please find the link to the survey below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.
Survey link:

Kind regards,

Adrienne Louw

MSc Candidate
Department of Zoology & Entomology
University of Pretoria
Private Bag X20
Hatfield 0028
South Africa

Invitation to all Gauteng Branch members

KZNH Senior Hunters Course

Date          13 – 16 September (Thurs-Sun)
Venue        Nkwazi in the Umkomaas Valley
Trainers     Sakkie van Vuuren and Mithesh Maharaj
Cost           R1800

Contact      Carmen 082 449 5731

Surname: Full First Names:
Membership No: Cell:
E-mail Address:

Chasa Interim Notice To Members And The Firearm Owning Public

(While we await official SAPS Directives from the NATIONAL Commissioner, we cannot in good conscience give guaranteed advice. Much speculation is happening. This notice therefore indicates our current best information and commentary)

There are TWO categories of persons who fall into the above general category:

1)Those who transitioned in the period between 2006 and 2009 from the old “GREEN LICENCE” to the new act’s “WHITE LICENCE”.

2)Those whom acquired their firearm under the NEW ACT, and have only ever held a so called “WHITE LICENCE”


Estcourt Rifle Club and Impala Shooting Club




Dit is een van CHASA se strategiese prioriteite om meer aandag te skenk aan die werwing van junior jagters asook om hulle betrokkenheid in verenigingsaktiwiteite te bevorder.


Constitutional Court decision of 07 June 2018

Most of you will be aware of the Constitutional Court decision of 07 June 2018.

The Constitutional Court, in dismissing the application of SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association, upheld the constitutionality of Sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act. This means that you are compelled to relicence your firearm in terms of Section 24 and if you fail to do so, the possession of your firearm is illegal and you are criminalised.

The Judgment of the Constitutional Court is short, simple and to the point. It is also a final Judgment and any criticism of the Judgment is of no purpose or consequence.

What we need to consider now, is the consequences of the Judgment and if you have an expired licence, and what you can do.

The Constitutional Court ruled that the life of your licence is finite as determined by the Act and if you do not renew the licence, your licence terminates, the firearm becomes illegal and possession thereof is criminalised i.e. you become a criminal. The Constitutional Court pointed out, however, that if you intend to surrender the firearm to the police on an expired licence, you cannot be prosecuted, because handing in the firearm is a solution to the illegal possession. Froneman J specifically stated “I can see no legal obstacle to hand in a firearm over to the police after termination.” (of the licence)

This means that the safest most precautionary approach to take, is to surrender your firearm to the police for destruction if you have an expired licence.

The other alternative, which comes without any guarantees at this stage, is to wait for the proposed amnesty that the police are busy trying to finalise and put before Parliament and apply for a licence in terms of such amnesty. This comes, however, with some potential risks inasmuch as your possession of a firearm on an expired licence remains illegal until you have handed it in to the police and applied for an licence in terms of the amnesty.

Under no circumstances and as a result of this Judgment, should anybody with an expired licence carry and/or use their firearm until they have been granted a licence in terms of the proposed amnesty.

In summary therefore you can:

1) Immediately surrender your firearm to the police for destruction and avoid being criminalised; or

2) You can keep your firearm, not use it or carry it and wait for the proclamation of the amnesty to surrender your firearm in terms of the amnesty and to apply for a licence in terms of the amnesty.

I do not know exactly when the amnesty will be proclaimed.

The Judgment does not change the status of green or old Act licences which remain valid.

SA Hunters Official Media Release Following Concourt Ruling on Firearms Licence Issue

Constitutional Court Ruling Sections 24 and 28 of FCA 60 of 2000

Application For Competency SAP 517 and new Firearm Licence SAP 271: Free-State Province

Application Forms


Hlomo Hlomo Game Reserve



Eastern cape hunting opportunity 2018 – Donny G Safari

Gariep Eco Reserve

2018 National Price List


SAGA Snippets

Member Associations

Below are three links of videos which deal with programme interviews which were recently broadcasted regarding the Canned Lion Saga which currently has caused much controversy In social media:


Please sign and return to the Office together with your membership application.

Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution

Dear friends of Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution
Herewith – our first newsletter!! (see attached)
You have received this newsletter from Tim Snow because you are either a friend of his, or a supporter of the work being done to fight wildlife poisoning. Happy reading!


Please click here to download the newsletter

The Aloes Farm to Front Door Delivery

Over the passed year we have experienced a huge outcry in demand for delivery of our products to your door.
We are in early stages and trial runs with a fantastic delivery company to provide this service for you, they follow a route all the way from us to Umhlanga


Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

1. Would you be interested in receiving delivery to your door?

2. What area are you located in?

3. As we would be teaming up with a delivery company what in your opinion would be a reasonable delivery fee from our area to your area?

CorrosionX products

CorrosionX products to be stocked at the Office.  Please click on the link for Website and Contact details –


Please click on the image below


Rewilding The Lost Wilderness

I would like to introduce you to the unique Cape conservation
coffee-table book Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the
Forgotten Cape, with a Foreword by Dr Ian Player.

In the 317 pages of Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green
Heritage of the Forgotten Cape we explore the natural heritage, wildlife
and wilderness of the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape. The story involves
the vegetation and wildlife that occurred and still occur within the Cape, and
the human impact on the natural environment through the ages. The conclusion of
the story explores the reserves and farms that have dedicated themselves to
restoring the original cape ecosystem and all its diversity, and how they
implemented the restoration.
Ten years in the making, Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green
Heritage of the Forgotten Cape has been the result of an intense pursuit of
restoration of the Cape of South Africa. After much eager anticipation I can
finally say that Rewilding The Lost Wilderness is officially available with the
inspirational story of Rewilding the Cape. This story of a quintessential
African wilderness that has been lost and regained is a story of hope and
restoration! A tale of hope for all the wilderness areas that has been lost,
and an example for all wilderness areas that is still to be regained! Rewilding
The Lost Wilderness is much anticipated among the international rewilding
community for whom the book will serve as a practical example for the
recreation of lost wilderness areas, especially so in parts of Europe and North


Upper Tugela activities 2018

Saturday 29 September. Fin Fur Feather. Clay shoot. Stewart Park farm Ladysmith.

Saturday 13 October. Branch AGM. TBA

Saturday 18 November. Ding Dong gong shoot. TBA.


Please click on the link to download the NYALA NEWS July 2018, you will need to be a KZNHSCA member to be able to download the magazine.

Nyala Magizine 2018

KZN Hunting Signed Financial Statements.

Please click here to view the KZN Hunting Signed Financial Statements.


Please Note*

You need to be a member of KZN Hunting Shooting and Conversation Association to view this page and download the pdf document.

New Swarovski CL Binocular

We are pleased to announce to you that Swarovski have launched a new CL
Companion binocular which will be available in South Africa from End
November 2017.

It will be available in both an 8×30 and 10×30, and in either Green or

There will also be a choice of three different cases – (Accessory Packs).

Attached is the official press release and the new binocular as well as the
broshure and specifications.

For more information contact Andrew at Whylo Distributors in Umhlanga on


Click here to download CL Campanion

Click here to download CL Companion Fact Sheet_

Click here to download Cl Press Release

Events Calendar For KZN Clay Target Shooting


New SAGA Facebook Page

Dear Members,

SAGA has a new Facebook presence. Please visit us at:

You might get a Friend request as we work to get the new page up and running. If you don’t please go online to Like our page and do a Friend request. The old page will be decommissioned soon.

Thank you for your support.

Gun Dog Success

Gundog nr1_edited-2
Dedicated Status and Dedicated Sport Shooting status

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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes.

Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more?
Read more here…

We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

Dear CHASA Board Member
Please circulate this CHASA Renewals Survey link below as far and wide as possible. It is set up for both CHASA affiliate members down to grassroots level as well as non-members.

The link is also on the CHASA Facebook page.


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